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About FameDollars

Fame was born of an association between the greatest names in the production field and a leader in networking technologies and softwares. Gamma Entertainment provides its hardware, software and marketing know how to the biggest names in the industry in order to make their online business flourish like it should.

Built on strong bases, FameDollars offer its webmasters a true opportunity to promote the biggest names and their official websites that are packed with content that sells! Strong brand-names will always sell without any effort. Imagine the stellar performance you could achieve with 10 years experience and technologies expertise.

Gamma Entertainment

In teaming up with top Pornstars like Peter North, Tera Patrick, Silvia Saint and Rocco Siffredi plus adding top brand names such as Devils Film, White Ghetto and Silverstone, Gamma Entertainment made sure it has the recipe of a very successful tandem.

Built on strong bases, FameDollars offer its webmasters a true opportunity to promote the biggest names and their official websites that are packed with content that sells! Strong brand-names will always sell without any effort. Imagine the stellar performance you could achieve with 10 years experience and technologies expertise.



I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween!

BurningAngel.com is delivering another great Halloween release! 2 scenes from ' I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween ' are live on the site and there are 2 more to come! This incredible porn horror story is directed by none other than Joanna Angel!

Joanna Angel also stars in the release along with Ariana Marie (in her Burning Angel debut), Katrina Jade, Ivy Lebelle, Steve Holmes, Small Hands, Bill Bailey and Tommy Pistol!

In the words of Joanna Angel herself, ''The movie begins with a lesbian orgy in latex, and ends with a stabbing scene at a Halloween party at a bar, and everything in the middle is a dark and exciting visual trip, This is such a stellar cast, everyone literally and figuratively killed it!''

Burning Angel is THE XXX site to promote this time of year, with a huge catalog of cosplay and an annual horror release! The site also has all of the hottest, most badass babes around! I Know Who You Fucked Last Halloween, brings great sexual chemistry, camp, horror and its a whole lot of fun to experience! Let us know if we can help you promote this jerk worthy horror porn thriller today!


Halloween PROMO- Opt In Today!

With Halloween rapidly approaching, we have another great promo opportunity for you!

From October 25th until November 1st, 2018 we will be celebrating Halloween with discounted porn! For this promo we are offering $9.95 for the first 30 days of a monthly membership. These memberships will rebill at regular price after the initial period.

To sweeten this deal, we are offering Girlsway memberships to your surfers at $9.95 every 30 days for the lifetime of the membership!

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Help Me DP My Stepsister

DogHouseDigital.com has started dropping scenes from ' Help Me DP My Stepsister ' featuring the sexiest European girls getting double fucked! These stepbrothers need help to seduce their stepsisters giving them two hard cocks to satisfy them. Do not miss out on this new release!

Curvy beauty Chloe La Moure wants nothing more than to fuck her stepbrother. She would love it even more if she could get DP'd by him and his friend! She will not give up until she has two cocks inside both her holes!

Cassie Del Isla's stepbrother can be a little protective sometimes. He will only allow Steve Q fuck her if they DP her. Why wouldn't she want two cocks at once!? Double the dicks double the orgasms!

Smoking hot Samantha Rone wants to be DP'd. With the help of her stepbrother, Charlie Dean and George Uhl. She is a lucky girl and is about to take on two cocks at once!

Tina Kay is about to get revenge on her boyfriend who cheated on her! What better way to get him back by fucking her stepbrother and his friend! Not only does she get to be DP'd but revenge has never been sweeter!

Dog House Digital offers a variety of niches including creampies, gangbangs, swingers orgies, big tits, anal and much more. Don't hesitate to reach out if we can help you promote today.


The Watcher

PureTaboo.com has released ' The Watcher ' a voyeuristic fantasy where a young couple is followed home by a creep who spies on them. The scene stars Zoey Foxx, Ricky Johnson and Domenic Kane.

A homeless man's (Domenic) legs stick out from underneath a tarp as he lays huddled on a dirt floor, surrounded by garbage and old food containers. We watch him lift off the tarp and sit up to see the sunlight streaming through the cracks in the door. His face is hidden by his hooded sweatshirt, but he is a tall, intimidating figure. He rummages through his garbage before picking up an old tattered porno mag and, with a groan, opening its sticky pages.

He later comes upon the entrance of a park. We watch him look around before deciding to venture inside and walking through a secluded, woody area at the back of the park. He has come here to drink and look through more of his magazine. As he settles down by the parameter fence, he hears a woman laughing and pauses; he cautiously stands back up and creeps towards the sound of the woman. Through the clearing, a couple have laid out a blanket underneath some trees and are making out. Jenny (Zoey), giggles and play fights with Paul (Ricky), her boyfriend, who is trying to affectionately get her clothes off. The man watches and listens, as their small talk reveals the pair are a recent couple out on a date. They are both college students. Paul wants to have sex while Jenny is nervous. She doesn't want to do it in public and get caught. He tells her to chill out; no one ever comes to the back of the park. 'Besides, we are both over twenty-one,' he adds. 'And it would only be a misdemeanor; so isn't it worth the risk?!' She laughs and tells him he's a terrible influence, as they keep kissing. Finally, caving to the pressure, Paul suggests they go back to his place to fuck instead, and Jenny eagerly agrees. They gather up their things and leave, while the man still watches.

The man watches Paul and Jenny as they enter his house, leaving the door slightly ajar by mistake. Cautiously, the man creeps up and quietly steps through it after them. He can hear their voices on the other side of the house. Breathing heavily, he walks through the main floor and towards the bedroom. He peeks inside and watches as the couple make out in bed. Paul is removing Jenny's top as they kiss passionately, and she undoes his belt. She begins to give him a hand job. Paul begs Jenny to suck his dick, but she keeps laughing and pulling twigs out from his dirty shorts. 'Let's just take a quick shower first,' she teases. 'And then you can do whatever the fuck you want to me!' Paul groans and nods, ushering Jenny off the bed and out of the room, as they strip off their clothes and narrowly miss the man who has darted around the corner. The man hears the shower come on and then creeps into the bedroom, so he can find himself a better view. He decides to hide inside the closet.

A few moments later, the couple come back into the room naked and ready to have sex. The closet door stays in the frame as they begin to go at it, completely unaware that they are being watched.

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Prinzzess: A Decade of Desire!

GirlfriendsFilms.com is celebrating the anniversary of girl girl contract star Prinzzess ! After 10 years under contract with this #1 leading lesbian film company Girlfriends Films issues this new release Prinzzess: A Decade of Desire . The movie directed by B. Skow features the exclusively all-girl performer in four new scenes opposite Abigail Mac, Carter Cruise, Jessa Rhodes, and Zoey Monroe.

Comprised of a whopping 5+ hours of footage, the commemorative 2-disc DVD set also contains exclusive bonus material including Prinzzess' first anal scene (with India Summer) and a candid 20-minute conversation between Summer and Prinzzess, and Girlfriends Films founder Dan O'Connell who share tales of favorite shoots, traveling, and their personal history both on and off-camera!

Prinzzess and India Summer introduce a series of throwback clips, beginning with their first scene in Lesbian Legal Part One. "We had amazing chemistry," recalls Prinzzess. "It was the best sex I've had on camera ever." India Summer adds, "I had a lot of fun during that scene and I was really looking forward to doing it again."

O'Connell recalls his first encounter with the all-girl contract star. "I remember hearing about Prinzzess a little over 10 years ago," the director recalls, "and I kept hearing there is this girl that I HAVE to meet." He didn't give much credence to the advice at first, but they eventually arranged a shoot together and O'Connell describes their first meeting, "I can remember her opening the door and going, "Oh, my God, she IS 'uber' cute."Taken with her beauty and on-camera talent, the studio gave Prinzzess an exclusive contract after only a handful of scenes. "You impressed us early," O'Connell says. And it was a move that paid off big time.

The contracted starlet went on to shoot a total of 269 film titles (to date) and has garnered numerous industry nominations and awards including Girl/Girl Performer of the Year, Best All-Girl Sex Scene and Best Feature Dancer. She currently holds the record for longest girl/girl contract, more DVD covers than any all-girl performer in history, and greatest number of scenes with Girlfriends Films, making Prinzzess the highest grossing all-girl performer of all time!

Moose, President of Girlfriends Films weighs in on the milestone film commemorating a decade with Prinzzess, "We wanted to do something really special for the Prinzzess anniversary showcase, and having Skow shoot her with the amazing cast was just the beginning. Then, bringing in the personal element of Dan and India reminiscing was the perfect touch to give fans an insight on what it's like behind the scenes and the special bond that all of us share."

There is no question that this is a phenomenal release in the lesbian market! There are special affiliate banners in the "static banners" section! Let us know if you need anything else to help you promote!


What If We Get Caught?!

The always popular NuruMassage.com presents ' What If We Get Caught?! '; with hot blonde MILF Sarah Vandella and young curious man Lucas Frost !

Lucas Frost steps into the Nuru Massage for the first time after seeing an ad in the paper. He is floored by the hotness of the busty masseuse Sarah who explains that a nuru massage uses a special gel and involves heavy body to body contact. Lucas seems to get flustered as Sarah goes into some pretty detailed descriptions about the positive soothing effects of the body-on-body rubbing aspect of the massage. He asks if she recommends it and she says yes, definitely, in fact it's a favorite among several of her clients. His worries put at ease, Lucas decides to be bold and try this new type of massage since it comes so highly recommended.

Sarah leads Lucas to the private massage room, and gets to work at putting him at ease. When she asks him to remove his clothes, he seems bashful to undress so she offers to help him, and says she'll undress herself at the same time so he doesn't feel exposed. 'Oh, y-you're going to be naked too? I didn't realize' he exclaims, and the masseuse gently assures him with a smile that yes, the body-on-body massage is done with both the masseuse and the client naked. But they can ease into that part, first it's standard procedure for the masseuse to wash them together, the gel applies better to freshly washed skin.

In the shower, Lucas is not used to being so pampered, especially by such a beautiful woman, and before long, his dick is hard. Embarrassed, he apologizes to Sarah, but she assures him that it's totally normal. Besides, she isn't complaining about the nice view. As she rinses his cock, she strokes it and rubs it against her wet tits. Lucas can't believe what he's seeing and feeling, but Sarah assures him that she is just using EVERY part of her body to give him a great massage experience.

Once Sarah is done making sure that Lucas is completely clean and VERY relaxed, she leads him to the mat and begins the full massage. Lucas is in heaven, thoroughly enjoying the soothing sensations of the massage. She body slides on him before flipping him over. Seeing his hard dick, she slides her mouth down and licks his shaft. Lucas is taken aback and hesitant. Is this really appropriate? Sarah says soothingly that it's her job to make him feel good, and this feels good, right? Reluctantly, he admits that yeah, it does feel good, but what if they get caught? Sarah promises him they won't get caught, she'll be very discreet, and she starts to suck his dick more rigorously, a feeling so good Lucas just simply can't resist. From there, things get wetter and wilder, and getting caught becomes the furthest thing from Lucas's mind!

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Rocco's Intimate Castings 17!

The Italian Stallion releases more of his incredibly popular casting series! In Rocco's Intimate Castings #17 , the Porn god Rocco Siffredi taste tests the cream of Eastern European beauty in nasty private auditions!

In one-on-one sessions of penetrating perversion, the horse-hung director samples the erotic skills of fresh-faced, all-natural young ladies. Slim, elegant Tiffany Tatum wraps her mouth around his enormous cock, delivering a gagging, ball-sucking, eye-watering blowjob. Rocco stuffs her with dick and cums in Tiffany's mouth. In nerdy spectacles, law student Molly O'Quinn gives gagging fellatio, sucks Rocco's toes and rims his bunghole! He ruthlessly buttfucks Molly, and she swallows his cum. Alicia Fox feeds Rocco her plump, meaty pussy, eagerly blows him, and impales her juicy cunt on his gigantic, thick prick. Russian model Sandra Wellness takes an intense anal reaming, sucks cock ass-to-mouth and strokes Rocco's boner with her feet. He ejaculates on her sexy face. Adorable, athletic young Mary Rock enjoys a tender session of 69-style lovemaking and dildo penetration. She masturbates while stroking the older man's massive meat.

RoccoSiffredi.com is one of the best memberships your traffic can get! The porn legend is one of the most all time recognizable names in the xxx biz! Let us know if we can help you promote today!


Trannylicious 2!

DevilFilm.com has released 4 scenes from TRANNYLICOUS 2 ! The series takes the viewer on a joyous mouth-watering trip into what makes someone soooo trannylicious. Just how sweet is a trans woman? Ahhh you shall soon find out!

In the latest scene which released today; DVD cover model Khloe Kay is sweeter than the sugar cereal that coats her! Khloe rises from the white milk touching her perky little titties as her luscious and savory pussy-cock emerges. Soaked in sweetened milk it's like a warm breakfast cream filled pastry baking for you to put in your mouth. From there she takes us on an oil-drenched cruise as she applies the substance all over her body and strokes her tranny pole in the hot sun while on a float. Soon Sergeant Miles and his massively huge and thick veined and swollen blood bomber join her in the pool where they proceed to get it on. He power fucks her tight little sugar hole for all she is worth and leaves her encrusted in salty man juice to end the scene!

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Load Sharing 3!

EvilAngel.com Director Jonni Darkko loves to see glamorous, lingerie-clad goddesses wallow in the filthiest hardcore gutter behavior. In ' Load Sharing 3 ,' beautiful-but-sloppy cocksuckers team up for oral threesomes, showing how cooperation can be the soul of great blowjobs. Sexy Latina Alina Lopez and pale blonde Jill Kassidy gag, gurgle and play with dripping gag spit as they suck Jonni's dick. Voluptuous Angela White and irrepressible, dazzling Adriana Chechik mutually gag on a huge double dong. They get even messier swapping drool and deep-throating Jonni. Angela squeezes his pole between her massive, natural boobs for a titty fuck. Jonni fucks the pretty faces of Nari Park and Cindy Starfall, and the pair of Asian princesses slathers his junk with bubbly slobber. Nari laps up the sperm plastering Cindy's face. Buxom MILFs Nina Elle and Mia Lelani cover the director's glistening boner with saliva between wet lesbian kisses. He delivers a mess of sperm for the ladies to trade mouth-to-mouth.

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Mother Daughter Exchange Club

We all know traffic LOVES the older younger lesbian niche! What could be hotter than Syren De Mer leading stacked, experienced MILF Cory Chase into a passionate moment with shy young babe Violet Starr! Cory and Violet start of by kissing passionately and teasing each other nipples. Cory uses her sexual experience to coax Violet out of her shell. The pair swap pussy eating sessions and climax as they trib.

GirlfriendsFilms.com is on the 49th edition of Mother Daughter Exchange Club for a reason! This series showcases authentic lesbian sex and chemistry that will have your traffic wanting to see it all. Please hit us up if we can help you promote!